Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate



Step 1:
Start by whisking together cocoa, salt and milk.

Step 2:
Pour mixture into a slow cooker and add the vanilla. Cover it and cook on low for two hours.

Step 3:
Next add cream, cinnamon and maple syrup. Cover, and cook on low for an additional twenty minutes. Mix in two ounces of chocolate until it is melted. It’s best to break or shave chocolate into smaller pieces before adding to the slow cooker to help the melting process.

Step 4:
Pour hot chocolate into mugs and top with whipped cream and a tsp of shaved chocolate.

Step 5:
Grab a mug, get warm and comfy, enjoy your hot cocoa!

I hope you enjoyed the recipe on Tasty Fun Recipes and the original credits go to RethinkSimple for this recipe on the Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate!
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