Layered Ice Cubes


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Today I am going to teach you about a new tasty recipe.
This recipe is really easy to make yourself or with a friend of yours!

I’m going to teach you how to make three colored ice cubes. Here goes!

Tasty Fun Recipes - Layered Ice cubes

Step 1:
Pour a little bit of juice on the bottom layer of your cubes.  Freeze the tray until the layer is frozen, this might take around thirty minutes or so which depends on how much you pour into the tray, the size of your tray, and the temperature of your freezer.

Step 2:
Once the bottom layer is frozen, pour a different layer over the top, and freeze again.  Repeat this with the third juice.

Step 3:
When the cubes are frozen, remove them and add to your drink of choice.  It will help preserve your pretty ice if the drink itself is also cold.

Ps: Try to  use atleast 3 different fruit juices for the pretty colors and contrasts!

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